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Author: Mona Karam

The whole of SEO is built on selecting the right words that people will type in a search query.Below are a few tips for selecting the right keywords for SEO. 1- Optimize your search intent. Search intent is the purpose of an online search; the reasons why people look for what they look for. Search intents can be to answer certain questions, look for something, or to purchase an item.Search intents are hence divided into three categories: informational, navigational, and commercial. Once you have analyzed and understood your audiences search intents you are better able to target their needs through selecting

Yes, you read correctly, TikTok can be used for your business and to boost your brands. Tiktok is a more recent social media app that attracts youngsters, but used properly it's also a channel for businesses. TikTok is mostly a video platform where people from all around the world can share snippets and gain followers. The misconception however, is that it only attracts and is used by youngsters. Truth is, TikTok has caught on with the older generations too. Using TikTok to promote your brand is your own business decision to make. If you expose your brand to the right

Reels are a popular tool of our present and likely a trend that will not cease to exist in the near future. There are a number of hacks you can use to create the perfect reels on Instagram which we will list down below. Done right, reels can grow your brand and business faster than you would expect, but again it has to be done right.We have put together a list of hacks that you can use the next time you create an Instagram Reel. These hacks will help your reels stand out and congruently bring more viewers your way.-Have you

Content published on Instagram is said to last the longest out of all other social media platform posts. The average lifespan of an Instagram post is 48 hours. This is the approximated time for your content to appear in your viewers feed, allowing them a chance to interact.Post engagements however, are expected to taper off within 6 hours from posting time. During the 6 hours, most comments, likes and follows are likely to appear. The best-performing Instagram posts are the ones that would still receive reactions 12 hours after having been posted. The 12-hour mark is a good indicator of

Ever wondered why certain posts at certain times of the day get more views and results? There are actual ideal times to post on social media. This article will target the best times to post on different social media channels. After many tests carried out, marketers have found that the overall best time to post on social media is 10:00 am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.Of course the 10:00 am time should be relevant to your actual time zone. According to Social Media Specialist, Brayden Cohen, “It’s best to post first thing in the morning because this is when people are catching up on

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