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11 is the Magic Number : #Hashtags

11 is the Magic Number : #Hashtags

Experts say, 11 #Hashtags is the magic number! How many of those do you encounter per day? Per post? Do you ever wonder why some posts have too many or too little? Would you stop to read them all or do you almost never read past the actual caption?
Too many questions and one simple answer: 11!

#Hashtags started erupting sometime in 2010 on Facebook and seemed like cheeky little gimmicks, but today the importance of hashtags has drastically changed and shaped social media. Nevertheless, not every single thing deserves a hashtag. Hash-taggers may go way overboard by putting one too many and tagging every single word in a caption that the caption itself renders useless! On the counterpart, many are still not too keen on the whole idea of using hashtags within their posts be it personal or business related.

You need hashtags mostly on every Instagram post as per the latest statistics in 2021, as they have been proven to gain 12.6% more engagements. However, random hashtags don’t work. What really works is being selective with your choice of words and phrases; don’t write phrases that are too long, keep them relatable to your post and most of all don’t tag every single word!

Wondering why 11 #Hashtags was found to be he most perfect number? While Instagram allows you 30 hashtags per post the consensus for the ideal number is indeed 11 #Hashtags per post because it allows more opportunity to be discovered, adds value to the post, avoids your post being defined spam and gives more precise descriptions on what you want your viewers and followers to focus on!

So, the next time you add a hashtag; keep it short, keep it simple, keep it straight to the point and remember the number 11!

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