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Experts say, 11 #Hashtags is the magic number! How many of those do you encounter per day? Per post? Do you ever wonder why some posts have too many or too little? Would you stop to read them all or do you almost never read past the actual caption? Too many questions and one simple answer: 11!#Hashtags started erupting sometime in 2010 on Facebook and seemed like cheeky little gimmicks, but today the importance of hashtags has drastically changed and shaped social media. Nevertheless, not every single thing deserves a hashtag. Hash-taggers may go way overboard by putting one too

Successful social media: make it work for you! Yes, media is all around us specifically now, all the messages we receive are through social media, whether to sell a product, render a service or simply inform us of the latest news. Managing social media may seem difficult and tardy for many, but it can be simplified in 7 easy steps!There are a number of ways to make your posts stand out, whether you own your small business or a big firm. Start-ups are usually the trickiest businesses to manage but don't fret, there's some very good advice here that can

So, let’s do this. Video vs image Ads. The power of online marketing is undeniable but should you use video or image ads to drive more engagement on Facebook? Our brain loves videos because it is programmed to retain visual content better than a page loaded with words If time is of the essence, you can create image-based ads much faster and easier than video ads. However, if you are looking for the most powerful engagement tool, you should include video ads in your content strategy. Numerous studies show that Facebook video ads perform much better than image-based ads with a significant difference. Here are

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