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Product Management; Do’s and Don’ts

Product Management; Do’s and Don’ts

Product Management comprises of many Do’s and Don’ts that can help make it or break in the the market place. The way a product is featured and advertised to the public can directly affect demand.

Proper product management entails several Do’s – guidelines to abide by and remember for any business owner.

Be straightforward and always state things as they are; it is best to deliver direct messages to your customers rather than beating around the bush. A good example of being transparent is such as stating “buy 2 and get the 3rd free.” Clear purchase expectations leave the consumer mind at ease.

No matter how many products/services you have or how small your business is; think big! There are endless possibilities of how to make your product look bigger is value and effect. Package deals are winners in this scenario. Broaden your horizon and offer better deals for higher sales.

Keep your product local to maintain loyalty and commitment from your small circle of clients. Even if you grow big, make sure that your local community has your back. Set forth what differentiates you from competitors while reminding your immediate community that they are a great part of your success.

Consistently educate your audience so they make informed decisions. People will buy things to fulfill a need. Be on top of that need by finding ways to keep them happy.

If a certain strategy is working keep on at it until it stops working and then change it. So if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Additionally, make sure you keep track of all your strategies, mainly successful hits. Under-promise your customers so you always beat their expectations and over-deliver value.

Inversely, product management and advertising has many Don’ts which are as crucial as the Do’s.

Avoid using your business name in the headline but rather highlight benefits of products and services values. While doing so, make sure that the content of your Ad is compelling enough for the customers to get hooked. A compelling content will make the audience listen the whole way through to hear every benefit.

Personalize the advertisements by adding the word “you”. The audience’s mind is more likely to get attracted to advertisements that feel personal to them.

Finally, add in the call for action aspect in your advertisement, hence requiring the audience to comply to your message and concurrently place an order or purchase your product/service.

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