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July 2021

Product Management comprises of many Do's and Don'ts that can help make it or break in the the market place. The way a product is featured and advertised to the public can directly affect demand. Proper product management entails several Do's - guidelines to abide by and remember for any business owner. Be straightforward and always state things as they are; it is best to deliver direct messages to your customers rather than beating around the bush. A good example of being transparent is such as stating "buy 2 and get the 3rd free." Clear purchase expectations leave the consumer mind

SEO - "Search Engine Optimization" is the process of making your site better and improving your visibility when people search for products or services on Google or similar engines related to your firm or business. The better your visibility is, the more you attract potential customers and possibly long-term clients.SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing because people across the globe conduct trillions of searches looking for products and services all year 'round. Searches are what create digital traffic which in turn creates competitive advantages for a company and providing it with higher rankings. The aim of an SEO

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