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SEO - "Search Engine Optimization" is the process of making your site better and improving your visibility when people search for products or services on Google or similar engines related to your firm or business. The better your visibility is, the more you attract potential customers and possibly long-term clients.SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing because people across the globe conduct trillions of searches looking for products and services all year 'round. Searches are what create digital traffic which in turn creates competitive advantages for a company and providing it with higher rankings. The aim of an SEO

Experts say, 11 #Hashtags is the magic number! How many of those do you encounter per day? Per post? Do you ever wonder why some posts have too many or too little? Would you stop to read them all or do you almost never read past the actual caption? Too many questions and one simple answer: 11!#Hashtags started erupting sometime in 2010 on Facebook and seemed like cheeky little gimmicks, but today the importance of hashtags has drastically changed and shaped social media. Nevertheless, not every single thing deserves a hashtag. Hash-taggers may go way overboard by putting one too

No matter the size or industry of your business, you can use digital marketing. Digital marketing works for every type of business from startups to big companies and organizations. As a startup or small business owner with a small budget, you don't have to run your entire business over the internet to benefit from online business opportunities. You can boost your online presence and brand awareness by getting people to know you through social media as a start and do the below: -Promote the name of your brand and business -Explain all about your goods and services -Highlight the advantages of your products and services -Find out

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